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The 4 Seasons + Flashcards

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Let's learn the words of the 4 seasons in English!

The leaves are falling! It's autumn! Let's go create the forest together with the fox and the squirrel, add the pumpkin and mushrooms. Find the word AUTUMNN. Snow is coming! It is winter! Let's go create the snowman and the frozen village. Find the word WINTER. Butterflies are flying! It's spring! Let's go create the lawn and the flowers. Find the word SPRING. The sun rises! It's summer! Let's go create the sea and the waves. Find the word SUMMER.

Please note

1- the modeling clay is made from 100% food products.

2-keep the modeling clay in a vacuum bag, which will last +3 months.

3- adult supervision will be required during the time of the game.

4- keep the box out of the reach of children under the age of 3.

5- the box can have different contents, it does not often coincide with the images.

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