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What is Totsense Kit?

Welcome to our small world in a magic box!

Totsense kit is appropriate for kids from age 3 to 10 years old, in the kit you will find the sensory base which is the playdough and other items with a specific theme that let the kids create and build the small world as they imagine it.
Our aim is to make people realize how important free play is, and to decrease the use of electronic devices.

Who we are

Totsense Europe

Kids and toddlers don’t always know how to explain their emotions and imagination,but they can describe them by playing!
The sensory play is the most recommended activity in order to expand their skills, it helps calm anxiety and encourage language development, it builds nerve connections in your child’s brain.
As a toddler teacher, I tend to focus on sensory activities which are educational and essential to make them realize the world around with their senses.